At ProSift Cleaning we strive to implement the highest of standards and take our responsibilities as an employer and service provider very seriously.
For our full terms of policies please contact info@prosiftcleaning.co.uk

Equal Opportunities

ProSift Cleaning is committed to equal opportunities and an equal opportunities employer.

Environmental Policies

ProSift Cleaning recognises that its activities could have certain environmental implications in both the long and short term. That’s why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are ethically sourced.  Our clients put a large emphasis on using specifically produced ‘Eco Friendly’ cleaning products and we are happy to oblige.

Health & Safety Policy

ProSift Cleaning is fully insured and we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to health and safety.

ProSift Health and Safety policy:

– Provide safe methods of work
– Safe working conditions with machinery checked and serviced.
– Provide the latest in safety equipment.
– Provide health and safety training
– Encourage and promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of all employees to avoid and prevent health hazards and injuries to themselves and others.